My Notes

This function is created to allow you to take your own notes, reminders and actions as you use and navigate through the toolkit. You will be able to export your notes too. The notes function can help you:

  • favourite and make notes on resources and assessment results that are relevant for you or your workforce.
  • access notes at any time by selecting the notes icon in the bottom right of your screen.
  • once you’ve favourited an item to make notes on this to prompt you to do further research or action points relevant to you or your workforce’s needs.
  • share your notes with colleagues or save your notes to access when not on the website you can export this data as a spreadsheet by selecting export csv.

Data is saved locally on your device and within your browser so if you are using a public computer or don’t want this data on your device after you’ve made your notes please select clear data and all data will be removed from your browser.